Blepnuch: A Facebook Narrative

Another social media narrative I did this past year was a Facebook I made for a stranded alien named Blepnuch. His about page explains his purpose:

“I’m an alien stranded on the planet earth. This is not a distress signal for my world. I know I won’t make it in time for a rescue fleet to arrive. The air here is too hostile for my species. But I will categorize and collect data on as many creatures on this planet as I possibly can before my time is up.”

You can read Blepnuch’s data entries and look at the drawings of the creatures he encountered here.

Twitter-Based World Model: The Cave

I made a few social media narrative pieces this past year and this one, by far, is probably my favorite. It’s a second person POV that attempts to immerse the reader in a horror story, tweet by tweet. The POV is meant to be reminiscent of a text based adventure game, but the inability to make any actual decisions as the reader  is what gives it the hopeless and inevitable horror story feel.

You can read The Cave here.