Dungeonauts and Dragoons

I’ve started another project that I will be updating periodically. It’s a scroll through Dungeons & Dragons story called:

(Click the banner to go right to the site.)

Only two parts of the first arc are out at the moment, but more art and writing for it are in the works.

Here’s a brief summary:

Reese (the Dungeon Master) and his friends, Viv (the Drow Wizard, Beswick), Perry (the Elven Bard, Fazoon), Liz (the Draconian Fighter, Brax), and Danni (the Gnome Thief, Pip) engage in shenanigans aplenty as they discover the ancient roots of magic that go beyond just the 8 schools of arcana called The Elements. Together, they must gather the four powerful artifacts that represent The Elements of Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth before encroaching dark forces can get their claws on them first. It’s a race against Time to save the world.

And here’s the characters in the story’s style of art:


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