Snip Assets

I did a bit of background art for another game that never really finished called Snip. Here are some of those assets: one (1) set of books, four (4) bookshelves, three (3) boxes, two (2) types of vines, two (2) wallpaper designs, one (1) window.

I also did the coloring for the following assets: one (1) ladder, two (2) levers, two (2) buttons, and one (1) chandelier.


Major League Lawn Mowers

About two years ago I did some pixel art for a video game project called MLLM 2016. The game never officially took off, but I still did quite a bit of pixel art for the project. I figured now would be a good time to at least share the assets I made. Below, in order, there are: four (4) mower sprites, four (4) matching color boxes for power ups to appear on, one (1) grass tile, one (1) hole tile, one (1) corner fence piece, one (1) stick, and one (1) sprinkler gif.