I’d like to take a moment to discuss a global crisis,

a plea to the people who blame Muslims for ISIS.


You see, we involved ourselves in the affairs of Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

For the sake of oil, we changed their government and didn’t expect them to attack us back.


This older generation might have lived in a time when America was a hero.

But the newer generations know that the current credit score is at zero.


We’re still plagued with hate, homophobia, racism, fear,

problems, people say, aren’t even there.


Things, people say, that don’t even matter,

while they want to find someone to blame

and put a minority’s head on a platter.


History repeats itself.

The “Don’t tread on me!” snake.

The U.S. eats itself.

Ouroboros, bites into its own tail for nobody’s sake.


Because it’s the same rhetoric, time and time again.

It’s basic goddamn Hitler politics, and we’ll blame whoever we can.

The Black communities, The Muslims, The Jews, The Mexicans.


While they’re heads sit on that platter, their bodies shoulder the blame.

But America, the younger generation knows this tactic well and it puts us to shame.


We’re a country of immigrants. A country of the displaced,

the downhearted, the lost, and the disgraced

that we’ve made this country forcefully embrace.


We pried this country’s arms into reluctantly accepting us

and now you want to reject others for the same reason?

Well, I’d say that checking your privilege is a must.


Did you forget the struggles of your very own ancestors?

The blood, the tears, the sweat, and the blisters?

That’s why I’m putting my foot down,

I’m announcing a very serious call to arms.

To keep our fellow vagrants safe, to keep them from harm.

You don’t have to do much, just hold them open and wide.

Because, contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to take a side.


It does less damage to just let people in.

At least I’d rather do that, than let the terrorists win.


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