Morning Walk


I walked down the street,

the sun before me,

guiding my feet.


When a silhouetted form approached.

A blacked-out boogyman,

lumbering ever closer.


That instilled fear inside every young girl

gripped me

as I looked down and held my breath.


We began to draw nearer,

and my heart readied itself to pass.


My feet have already been told

to make the moment fast.


But when the figure came in full view,

my shoulders dropped, their tension lost.

This person was less than a man by one limb.

To the wind all caution was tossed.


We passed by each other, side by side.

Her presence was a comfort, as I took it all in stride.

I dipped my head and smiled, and she did so too in turn

and suddenly I wanted the moment to last a while,

her company, now something to yearn.


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