In Which “Possession” Does in Fact Refer to BOTH Restless Spirits Puppeting Meatsacks and Carrying Drugs


“I’ve seen the devil!” James cried,

without a doubt, spreading, unbelievable lies.

“Sure you did, pal,” His friends reached for his stash,

and they began to regret sharing, with him, any of their hash.


James pulled the bag closer and continued his rant.

And still they pleaded for silence, “Oh my god. We just fucking can’t.”

“When he’s angry his skin changes from white to red!

And all that leaves his mouth is bad bad bad bad bad!”


James carried on, unashamed to be seen,

pointing to the figure on his television screen.

“His hair is so wispy, so thin, like a flame!”

Annoyed, his mates said, “That’s just Donald Trump, James!”


James shook his head, absolutely convinced

that his friends were all possessed by the dark prince.

James got up and left without another word.

Despite all the drugs, he thought, he should have been heard.


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